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Is Professional Parking Management (PPM) a Scam?

Professional Parking Management (PPM) is a legitimate parking solution company that works with parking lot operators to improve their customer experience and streamline their business. PPM is not a scam and provides the opportunity to dispute a parking charge if the customer believes it is not valid. File a dispute online.

How Does Professional Parking Management Identify and Enforce Parking Charge Notices?

PPM ensures that parking regulations are prominently displayed in all lots that they service. Using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and other user-friendly tools, PPM provides parking operators with information on vehicles entering and leaving the lot, duration rules, and parking and payment logs. If PPM discovers that a motorist has not paid for their parking, in accordance with the posted signage, a parking charge notice will be mailed to the vehicle owner.

Oxygen XL Works with PPM to Resolve Unpaid Debt.

If you have been contacted by someone at Oxygen XL, it may be that you have missed a parking charge payment. Oxygen XL works with PPM to help their customers resolve unpaid debt. Our goal is to help support your efforts to become debt free. We treat you with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. Learn more about Oxygen XL, a legitimate debt collection company, and how to avoid debt collection scams.

Parking Debt FAQs

Is Professional Parking Management (PPM) a legitimate company?

Yes, Professional Parking Management (PPM) is a legitimate company, and we work with them to resolve unpaid parking charges. Information regarding parking charges is prominently posted on signage throughout the lot or lots where you have parked. PPM issues parking charges based on that information. To learn more about PPM, please CLICK HERE to visit their website.

What if I tried paying via the mobile app and it did not work, or the machine onsite was broken?

We understand that it’s frustrating when technology doesn’t meet your needs. Because of that, we offer multiple ways to pay including calling the company directly. If you are unable to pay using the onsite machine, via the mobile app, or by phone, it is best to find another parking location until any potential technical issues are resolved. It is the responsibility of the motorist to pay for their parking fees. You’ve likely received a parking charge notice in the mail as a result of not paying the day that you parked at one of these locations. We are here to assist you with paying for your parking charge and resolving this past due debt.

What if the car that is referenced is not mine or if I never parked in this area?

Professional Parking Management (PPM) uses License Plate Recognition technology to identify vehicles. Please reach out to us to discuss your situation so that we can assist you with your dispute.

What if I called my local county representatives and was told this is illegal or saw an advertisement on TV stating that this is a scam?

These parking charges are legitimate and fully enforceable. Professional Parking Management (PPM) is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws. PPM never issues penalties or citations. They issue parking charges based on signage that is clearly posted throughout the lot where you parked. Cases where a motorist neglects to pay a parking charge can be legally pursued, the same as any other terms and conditions.

I paid for parking, why am I getting a notice stating I owe $85 or more?

PPM usually provides a grace period after your paid parking period ends. If your vehicle was parked in the lot longer that timeframe, you would have been charged accordingly and that is why you have received a notice that you own an additional amount.